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There has been a rumor that W.R. Grace Co. was going to buy the Fuller Brush Company , Mary Kay Cosmetics and then merge with Hale Business Systems, This would result in the new mega-corporation: Hale Mary Fuller Grace

A number of years ago there was a proposed merger between Fairchild Electonics and Honeywell Computers it would be called: Farewell Honeychild

There is a merger in the works involving Polygraph Records, Warner Brothers, and Keebler. It will be called: Poly-Warner-Cracker

Don't forget the failed merger between Yahoo and Netscape: Net 'n 'Yahoo. It didn't work because they were afraid they would have to relocate the headquarters to Tel Aviv.

Others in the works:

  • 3M and Goodyear: mmmGoodM
  • John Deere and And Abitibi-Price: Deere Abi
  • Honeywell, Imasco and Home Oil: Honey, I'm Home.
  • Denison Mines, Alliance and Metal Mining: Mine, all Mine.
  • 3M, JC Penny and Canadian Opera Company: 3 Penny Opera.
  • Grey Poupon and Dockers Pants: Poupon Pants.
  • Knott's Berry Farm and N.O.W: Knott Now.
  • Crabtree, Evelyn, and Apple Computers: Crab Apple.
  • Swissair and Cheesebourough-Ponds: Swisscheese
  • Zippo Mfg., Audi, Dofasco and Dacota Mining: Zip Audi Do Da.

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